All security systems require ongoing maintenance, not only to meet mandatory legal and safety obligations but also to ensure client peace of mind.

When it comes to legislation compliance, it’s imperative that your security systems be up to spec and meet government standards surrounding areas such as functionality, fire safety, accessibility, and health and safety obligations.

Rotec Access Maintenance is able to offer its clients an unrivalled knowledge of government legislations as a result of extensive engineer training with our sister company, Rotec Security Solutions. Government mandated requirements vary from product to product meaning that there is no one set compliance specification for all security systems. We guarantee complete legislation compliance with every maintenance job, so you can be sure that you are fully covered.


Occasionally, your security systems may need repair work. This can happen for any number of reasons including user wear-and-tear or even product misuse.

Whatever the reason, Rotec Access Maintenance offers a comprehensive repairs service across a wide variety of security systems.

When it comes to repairs, one of the key benefits Rotec Access Maintenance is able to offer is a much shorter lead time on delivery and installation. Working alongside our sister company, Rotec Security Solutions, grants us immediate access to a range of highly specialised parts. This allows us to get your security systems up and running as soon as humanly possible.

Our brand-wide security system knowledge and product familiarity enables our engineers to offer repair work in cases where full door replacement would otherwise be advised. This is a much more time and cost-effective solution.


One of the biggest ways building owners put themselves at risk of security breaches is by thinking the security system journey ends after installation.

We here at Rotec Access Maintenance cannot stress how vital it is to ensure your security systems are maintained to the highest standards so that they are legislation compliant at all times.

Our maintenance service works to ensure our clients’ security systems are all working at 100% functionality. This provides the client with peace of mind, so they can rest safe in knowledge that their buildings are as secure as possible at any given time. Regular access maintenance helps mitigate the possibility of any accidents and incidents and minimises the risk of company liability in these situations. Finally, on-going maintenance significantly increases the longevity of security products, reducing the need for refits or replacements, saving you both time and money.


In cases where a full door replacement cannot be avoided, Rotec Access Maintenance is proud to offer clients all the benefits of its sister company, Rotec Security Solutions’, extensive product catalogue. This guarantees a much faster lead time and installation.

All Rotec Access Maintenance engineers benefit from years’ worth of installation experience with Rotec Security Solutions, allowing us to offer a refit service that’s identical to a day one installation. Each individual refit undergoes an exhaustive health and safety quality compliance check, drawing on the skills and resources of the Rotec Security Solutions installation team. Risk assessment and legislation compliancy are second nature to our engineers, so you can be sure your refitted system meets the same industry standards as a brand-new install.