Security Specialists

As a trusted partner for our clients, we’re dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind.

We here at Rotec Access Maintenance offer a complete package of services to cover all your access maintenance needs. Our friendly and attentive team of engineers work with the client to ensure complete satisfaction from start to finish; providing a wealth of expertise without compromising on that ever important personal touch.

When you use Rotec Access Maintenance you also benefit from years of industry experience from a leading security system provider in the form of our sister company. Drawing on the skills and proficiency of Rotec Security Soultions, our quality, service trained engineers are equipped with unparalleled security system and security legislation knowledge.

The Journey

After founding Rotec Security Solutions in 2007, Rotec Access Maintenance was the natural progression for the Rotec family. We understand the security system journey doesn’t just end after installation as all security systems require on-going maintenance in order to meet legislation requirements and to ensure client peace of mind. This is where Rotec Access Maintenance comes in. A comprehensive knowledge of security systems makes our engineers the perfect and obvious choice for maintenance and support services.

Following a Rotec Security Solution installation, our clients are now able to continue to work with a brand they are familiar with and can trust in the form of Rotec Access Maintenance. New to the Rotec brand? Don’t worry, our expansive product knowledge allows us to extend our maintenance services to clients who have never worked with us before. Whatever your security needs, Rotec Access Maintenance provides a comprehensive package of compliance, repairs, maintenance, and refitting services.

Our Values

A family-run business, the Rotec brand is governed by a set of company-wide values of passion, aspiration, teamwork, and integrity.

These values govern everything we do. Our intense enthusiasm makes for a stand-out service focused on delivering the best possible security maintenance experience every time.

Our team has a strong desire and determination to achieve success and we know this can only be reached when all our engineers are working in synergy towards our clients’ needs. We’re strong as individuals and invincible as a team!

Honesty is at the forefront of all of our services, meaning that you can be sure you’re getting exactly what we say we’ll offer, with no nasty surprises along the way. We pride ourselves on our strong moral values and our dedication to the client.